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Managerial & Executive

Emerging Leaders/Leaders in Action (SBL Khas)

Management Development Programme

Leaders for Tomorrow (SBL Khas)

Leadership Competency Toolkit (SBL Khas)

Development Business Acumen (SBL Khas)

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques

Thinking Outside the Paradigm

Strategic  & Change Management

Coaching & Counseling Techniques

EQ @ Work

Stress Management @ Work (SBL Khas)

LCCI Principles & Practice of Management

LLCI Business Administration


Sales & Customer Services

Digital Marketing Strategies For Corporations (SBL Khas)

Customer Delight Programme (SBL Khas)

Sales Excellence (SBL Khas)

The Art of Selling

Introduction to Communication & Call Center

Operations (SBL Khas)

Strategies for Improved Call Center Performance (SBL Khas)

Technical Development

7 QC Tools In Systematic Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques (SBL Khas)

Effective Risk Assessment Techniques (SBL Khas)

Waste Management (SBL Khas)

OSHAS18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety

Programme (SBL Khas)

Emergency Response Team (SBL Khas)

5s/6s House Keeping (SBL Khas)

ISO9000/OSHAS/ISO1400 (SBL Khas)

ISO9001:2008 Internal Auditing Training (SBL Khas)

Behavior Based Safety Program (SBL Khas)

Safety Mindset Enhancement through Effective Risk Assessment Techniques (SBL Khas)



Supervisory Level

Supervisory Development (SBL Khas)

Positive Attitude @ Work (SBL Khas)

Leaders for Tomorrow (SBL Khas)

Kemahiran Kepimpinan dan Komunikasi

LCCI English For Business

LCCI Employability Skills

LCCI Practical ICT Skills


Financial Courses

Financial Modeling /Data Analysis Using Excel (CPE Accredited)

Foundation of Financial Planning (CPE Accredited)

Key Financial Indicator - Analysing Financial Statement

Finance For Non-Finance (SBL Khas)

Private Equity (CPE Accredited)

Project Finance/Real Estate/Corporate Finance Modeling (CPE Accredited)


Professional Development

Effective Training, Effective Trainer (SBL Khas)

Effective Presentation Skills (SBL Khas)

Strategic Human Resource (SBL Khas)

Competency Based Interviewing Techniques & Skills (SBL Khas)

Interviewing the Right Candidate

HR For Non-HR

Executive Grooming & Business  Protocol

The Know-How in Report Writing (SBL Khas)

Enhance Your English At Work (SBL Khas)

Technical Report Writing/Writing Business Proposal

Practical  Project Management (SBL Khas)

Preparatory Course for PMP/ITIL Essentials


Team Building & All Level

Building the Essentials of Team Effectiveness (SBL Khas)

Toward Peak Performance - A Team Building Program (SBL Khas)

The Paradigm Shift for Work Productivity (SBL Khas)

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